Race other Isaac players head to head.

It's free, and it couldn't be easier. Race your friends or meet new ones.

Integrated Racing

A desktop client works together with a Repentance mod to allow you to chat and race with up to 100 people at the same time. Streaming is encouraged, but not required.

Statistics & Leaderboards

The server will keep track of all of your races and times. Compete with others to get the lowest average time. Unlike the Daily Challenge leaderboards, cheaters will be banned.


Single-Player & Practice

If no-one else is around, you can always start a race by yourself. If you need to get better at using a specific item, start an unranked seeded race with that item.

Bug Fixes

The Racing+ mod includes hundreds of bug fixes that remain unpatched in the vanilla game.


Why not? With over 100 optional achievements, there's plenty to accomplish.

Continuous Improvement

We want the client and the platform to be the best it can possibly be. The Racing+ team will work with the community to iron out all of the bugs and implement the best suggestions.